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Social Media Marketing

Get results with our paid
social media advertising services

Kokotoa Technologies is a prominent social media marketing agency that offers comprehensive social media services to boost business growth. Our services cater to clients looking to enhance their brand’s social media presence or drive targeted leads through social media advertising. Our team of professionals is adept at using various social media platforms to help our clients achieve their goals

What services are included in our social media advertising package?

Are you looking to improve your social media advertising strategy? Our personalized social media advertising services can cater to your specific needs, whether you’re looking to bridge gaps in your current strategy or seeking a comprehensive solution. Our bespoke plans are designed to maximize paid social media traffic and turn it into tangible revenue. Learn more about our tailored offerings to optimize your social media presence and maximize returns.

Facebook Advertising Services

We offer Facebook ad and PPC management services that help businesses reach over two billion users on Facebook. Our services include strategy creation, ad launch, and performance monitoring to ensure effective campaigns. Our experienced team works closely with clients to ensure compliance with Facebook's policies and guidelines while achieving advertising goals.

Instagram Advertising Services

Our Instagram advertising campaign can increase brand recognition and user engagement by encouraging interaction with your brand and purchases of your products. As an experienced agency, we stay up-to-date on industry developments, algorithm changes, and best practices to deliver optimal results. Our approach targets key audiences at different stages of the buyer's journey, from raising awareness to driving conversions while staying within your budget.

LinkedIn and Analysis

Advertise on LinkedIn for lead generation. With more than 50% of users holding college degrees, LinkedIn advertising services can help you target valuable leads by profession, skills, industry, or interests. Personalize your ads for maximum impact.

How We Deliver Effective Marketing Services

Get in touch with us to learn how our digital marketing approach can improve your online presence.

Why should you choose us to handle your social media marketing?

Create Engaging Social Media Content

We create organic campaigns that drive engagement and brand loyalty. Our team researches your industry to find content your audience loves, and we share it regularly on social media platforms that we believe work best for your brand. We monitor engagement rates and interactions and respond promptly to keep the conversation going.

Competitor analysis

We analyze how your competitors succeed on social media and learn how to communicate with your audience. By analyzing your industry, we pinpoint successful competitors and study their marketing approach, including content direction and campaign types. We then focus on messaging that performs well in your industry, saving you time and money.

Analytics and Reporting for Campaigns

Kokotoa Technologies provides detailed campaign reporting and analysis for informed business decisions. We focus on campaign planning but also prioritize analytics. Our dedicated team monitors metrics against KPIs such as engagement rates and return on ad spend. We track brand reviews and sentiment on social media to measure campaign impact and engagement.


Conversion-Driven Paid Campaigns

We help businesses reach potential customers through paid social media marketing campaigns. We aim to drive conversions with every campaign using precise targeting, exact copywriting, and compelling graphics. We use split-testing strategies to focus the marketing budget on proven, successful practices.