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Travel and Hospitality

We create high-quality tourism websites that are visually stunning and responsive. Our full-service approach involves a team of marketing strategists, developers, and designers who work together to build high-converting websites that scale your business. We specialize in intelligent and scalable web design solutions tailored to meet your needs and achieve your business goals

Attractive Website Design
for Travel Agencies Catering to Partners of All Sizes!


For travel agencies and enterprises, having a website is paramount for promoting their business, addressing customer queries and complaints, and offering advice regarding tour packages, visas, and passports. With our advanced technology and mobility solutions, we design top-notch tourism websites equipped with a built-in search engine for all available services. This feature enables both end customers and sub-agencies to book online with ease. Our websites are designed to cater to all your business needs, providing comprehensive functionality and flexibility to help you achieve your goals.

Our Dedication to Your Success

Engaging, exceptional, and innovative travel agency websites

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Crafting Engaging Content

Having quality content is crucial as it can create a positive experience for potential customers, encouraging them to return for more. It can also be a powerful tool for capturing your audience's attention and reinforcing your brand.

Define Your Target Audience

We specialize in designing and developing travel websites that cater to your target audience. Our services help enhance your online visibility and attract more customers to your business

Use images and videos

A lot of our experiences nowadays are delivered through the internet, which includes the things that inspire us to purchase or engage with something in the physical world. High-quality photos and videos provide an opportunity for you to establish a connection with your customers in a new way.

SEO Best Practices

Analyze the data of your destination website, conduct keyword research, produce valuable content, optimize on-page and off-page SEO, optimize for mobile, increase page speed, and earn quality backlinks.

Responsive Design

Nine out of ten mobile searches result in action, and 70% of mobile searches lead to activity within an hour. Our platform is compatible with all devices.

Crafting a Compelling UVP

Our travel agency web design helps you stand out by creating a Unique Value Proposition that clarifies your offers and sets you apart from your competitors.

Web application & Mobile Apps
for Travel Bookings

We offer a booking web application that streamlines travel booking by providing customers with a user-friendly online platform that is equipped with comprehensive travel details. Our application is designed to enable customers to complete their booking process quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, we have integrated payment systems into our application to simplify the booking process for our customers, leaving them with the only task of fulfilling their bookings.

Our mobile-first approach ensures that the travel booking experience is not limited to desktop users. Our iOS and Android developers team is always ready to replicate the booking portal in a mobile app equipped with engaging features to keep customers glued to the app. By extending the booking experience to mobile devices, we provide convenience and accessibility to our customers, enabling them to book their travel plans from anywhere at any time.

Tailored Marketing Solutions for Travel Companies

Kokotoa Technologies assists travel and tour companies in utilizing digital media marketing to reach a broader audience and sell their packages at scale.

Digital Marketing

We offer online advertising services to promote your travel plans and other services through various digital marketing platforms, including social media and Google ads. Our team of experts implements targeted strategies to reach your desired audience during all stages of the customer journey, from initial awareness to brand loyalty.

Social Media Management

Our social media management services aim to enhance your brand's online presence by creating engaging content and fostering a community of loyal customers and followers. We specialize in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube platforms to help you communicate your brand's messages and increase audience engagement.

Email Marketing

We specialize in advanced email marketing techniques designed to generate consistent leads. Our strategy focuses on attracting high-quality leads with effective lead magnets and nurturing them until they become paying customers. We take care of the entire nurturing process, providing periodic newsletters to your leads and customers, giving you an additional way to promote your marketing messages..

Tailored Marketing Solutions for Travel Companies

Get the perfect brand identity for your travel and tour companies with Kokotoa Technologies’ comprehensive branding services. We build public love for your brand with graphical content for various purposes.

Logo Design

If you want a unique logo that instantly resonates with your target audience, our design specialists can help you create one. We are experts at developing logos that are visually appealing and effectively communicate your brand’s core values.

Campaign Materials

To effectively communicate your marketing messages, you need consistent graphic content, whether it’s to promote new travel plans or announce special offers. Our team can help you create on-demand fliers, event designs, social media designs, and other materials tailored to your needs.


A well-designed brochure can save you the hassle of explaining your travel company’s services each time a new customer visits your website. Our team can help you develop an informative brochure that conveys your services in a visually pleasing and easy-to-download format.